Place your order by mail, email, phone or online. The course will be sent within 24 hours of receiving the order. Courses that do not require a book will have all of the reading material provided with a multiple choice test at the end. Courses requiring a book will be referenced to a code book. They will usually be open book tests, with multiple choice questions with an article referenced. After you complete the test, email, fax or mail your answer sheets and information sheets. All tests are graded within 24 hours of receipt, and the State Board will be notified the same day. You will also be mailed a certificate of completion as well as a letter of confirmation that the State was notified.

All courses have been approved by and meet the requirements of the State Board for Continuing Education and License Renewal.


The organization's mission is to provide professional development to the professional and trade industry. The seminars are developed to provide continuity throughout the construction industry.


We pride ourselves on better serving you as our customer. In doing so, we make sure quality is not compromised, we are diversified and flexible to meet all of your needs and maintain a professional demeanor.

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